UK Driving Licence News – Tear Up Your Counterpart Today!

Posted on: June, 8, 2015
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Did you know that as from today, 8th June 2015 your UK driving licence paper counterpart is useless.

As from today the rules have changed in the UK and you no longer need a paper counterpart UK driving licence document. It has not been widely announced, but the law has changed and your paper part of your UK drivers licence has now been withdrawn and is no longer valid. Instead and an online system has been created for situations, like hiring a car, where the car hire companies who may want to check your UK driving licence to validate whether you have any driving offences or penalty points on your licence, which can effect the cost of your car hire, due to added terms or an increased hire charge or excess being applied from additional insurance requirements.

So what does this mean to us all? Well actually its great news, it has been proven that most of us, never really took great care of our paper licence, so if we ever needed it, we couldn’t easily put our hands on it any way. The media is reporting that the scrappy of the counterpart has been rushed through, without the systems required to replace it, but actually, how many times have you been asked to provide your copy? Exactly, not that many so it is generally believed that there will be very little negative impact from the withdrawal of the UK driving licence counterpart!

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