How to Sell Your Property Quickly for Instant Cash

Posted on: November, 19, 2015
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We’ve all heard the same tips about how to get the best price for your property. All you have to do is give the kitchen a new lick of paint, clean up the garden, and make sure that there’s no clutter around when any potential buyers are visiting, right? While all of this is fine advice, there are times when you might want to sell your home immediately. In these circumstances, foregoing the traditional route and dealing with a specialist may be your best bet.

Changing Markets

More and more people in the UK are using the internet to buy goods. This isn’t restricted to low-priced consumables either. Significant purchase, like cars, holidays, and even homes, are heading to the World Wide Web. More than nine out of 10 property searches now begin through online websites like Rightmove and Zoopla. These sites all act as online real estate portals, allowing customers to easily see what’s available in their area. For those on the other side of the transaction, they’re also a useful tool in advertising to the largest demographic possible. They aren’t the only online real estate business that’s making waves though.

What’s the Catch?

Sites like Quick Move Now promise to offer a formal cash offer to complete a quick sale. After completing an online estimate request form detailing the specifics of your property, an independent valuation from local estate agents will be arranged so that they can prepare a formal cash offer for you. This approach is particularly popular for sellers in possession of a home that needs heavy renovations. Often times, inexperienced property developers can take on a new project without realizing the heavy workload that it will actually require. Being able to get rid of the property quickly so that they can move onto another project is ideal for many in this situation.

Know the Rules

Compared to traditional estate agents, selling your property via online specialists like this should give you access to the cash you need much sooner. In fact, it could take under two weeks compared with the few months that it often takes for a viable offer to come in from a member of the public. As with any kind of real estate deal, though, you’ll need to be aware of any potential hidden fees. Make sure that you read any documentation through carefully before you commit, and don’t hesitate to bring in an independent third-party to take care of anything you aren’t comfortable with.

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