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UK Pension Planning For Retirement - Unlock or not to unlock?

Pension Release Explained – Making Wise Choices

The UK government has now introduced new regulations, which make pension unlocking accessible for men and women from age 55. Pension release explained in easy terms means that everyone with a private pension can now withdraw all their pension pot funds before the standard retirement age, and not face the mandatory requirement of having to […]

Posted on: June, 2, 2015

Planning Your Own Funeral – Making Funeral Plans

If you make funeral plans now, your family will find it easier to mourn your loss and carry on in spite of your absence. You also will enjoy life better knowing the financial burden will not rest on them. Seeking the right insurance will help immensely. You have only one life to live, so why […]

Posted on: January, 8, 2014

Life After Your Death: How To Choose a Funeral Plan

A funeral plan can protect your family from unwanted expenses when you die. But how to choose a funeral plan – Our simple guide will help you ensure that you have the right plan in place. Few people want to think about what happens when they die. While the subject of funeral arrangements may seem […]

Posted on: December, 28, 2013
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