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Making A Fresh Start With UK Credit Impaired Mortgages

Find a Low Rate Credit Impaired Mortgage. Are you in need of a quick mortgage, but want to make sure it is the best! Looking for a mortgage to find a better deal, raise capital or consolidate debt. Looking to invest – Buy to let mortgages at competitive rates. No proof of income – We […]

Posted on: March, 5, 2015
Tracker mortgages with the lowest rates

Lowest Base Rate Tracker Mortgage Rates

In the last month mortgage lenders like Cumberland Building Society, ING Direct, Nationwide Building Society, Northern Bank (NI), Northern Rock, Platform, Principality Building Society, Santander, The Mortgage Works, and Woolwich from Barclays have re…

Posted on: March, 8, 2011
Find out about 95% mortgages for UK first time buyers

95% Mortgages are available for UK First Time Buyers

In an attempt to kick start the UK housing market, a key player has today anounced that it is to launch a first time buyer mortgage guarantee scheme, offering 95% LTV Mortgage deals for first-time buyers. The deal has been launched initially from two…

Posted on: February, 15, 2011
Is the UK housing market on the up - Tell us what you think?

UK Housing Market shows an increase on 2009, but remains extremely fragile.

Residential property sales activity fell 10.1% in September but remains up by 4.7% on 2009. In industry report has shown that September saw the most significant month on month decrease in over six months after 1/2 yr of reductions. Comparisons to Se…

Posted on: September, 29, 2010
Compare the best equity release uk schemes, deals and offers

Equity Release UK Mortgages Explained By Experts

What is Equity Release?
Equity Release mortgage schemes provide a method for releasing the cash equity (Un-mortgaged value) that has built up in your property. The term ‘equity’ means the value of your property that is not subject to a mortgage.

Posted on: March, 23, 2010

UK House prices fall by 1.5% in February

House prices in the UK dropped during February 2010, which is the first time that a reduction has been recorded since June 2009. Research has shown that the end of the governments stamp duty break in December 2009, the terrible weather, which reports say…

Posted on: March, 4, 2010
Mortgage Approvals Slowed Down in Early 2010

Mortgage Approvals Slowed Down in Early 2010

A total of 48,198 mortgage loans were approved awaiting completion within the pipeline for UK house purchases during January 2010, which is the lowest level seen since May 2009 and the second consecutive monthly drop, according to the Bank of England.…

Posted on: March, 1, 2010
Mortgage Refinance – Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

Mortgage Refinance – Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

The main reason that homeowners choose mortgage refinance is to obtain a lower interest rate and lower their monthly payments, which can include consolidating expensive loans and credit cards. When refinancing a mortgage, the borrower pays off their ex…

Posted on: February, 28, 2010
Getting approved for a Mortgage is on the increase in the UK

Getting approved for a Mortgage is on the increase in the UK

UK mortgage lending by building societies is on the UP! Reports released today by the Building Societies Association show that mortgage lending increased by 15% from £1.6bn in November 2009, to £1.8bn in December 2009. Mark Leaper at Moneymatchmaker.…

Posted on: February, 1, 2010
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