Mortgage Rate Rises Could Be On The Cards

Mortgage affordability has hit its best level for 10 years, according to new research released today from Barclays, but the lender is urging homeowners to look ahead and be prepared for any increase in their payments. In an analysis of more than one…

Posted on: February, 28, 2011
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Halifax Mortgages set to recieve a refund

300,000 UK Halifax Mortgages Customers to be Refunded

The Halifax will make payments to 300,000 of it’s mortgage customers, up to a £500m total, after reaching a deal with the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The Halifax bank, now part of Lloyds Banking Group, admitted confusing customers about its right to ch…

Posted on: February, 26, 2011
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Cheapest Printer Cartridges

How to get more out of your printer ink cartridges

We all know with frustration just how much money it costs to replace the ink cartridges in our printers. More and more printers have moved from 4, 5 or 6 printer ink cartridges, with some now taking up to 12 and the cost of a replacement set is going through the roof – This article and movie clip is better than finding the cheapest ink cartridges

Posted on: February, 24, 2011
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Find out how can you beat the UK energy price increases and save money?

UK energy price rises have added over £560 million onto household energy bills (including EDF Energy’s increase, which is effective from 2nd March). Prices have increased by 6% on average or £63, taking the typical household energy bill up from £1,070 to…

Posted on: February, 24, 2011
Bank Of England

Bank of England Base Rate News Update

The Bank of England Base Interest Rate UK has been held for another month. Although 3 out of the 9 members voted for an increase in the rate, two voted for a 0.25% increase and one member voted for a 0.50% increase, rates remain unchanged for another mon…

Posted on: February, 23, 2011
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Find Out To Get Your Loan Paid Off By The Lender Who Provided Your Loan

Find out how to get your loan company to pay off all or some of your loan for you

Many people in the UK are really feeling the pinch finacially and things don’t appear that they are going to be any easier for some time to come. The governments austerity measures are causing real financial pain, but what can we do to ease the burden on…

Posted on: February, 18, 2011

Share Moneymatchmaker on Facebook with All Of Your Freinds

Share Moneymatchmaker On Facebook with all of your friends  

Posted on: February, 15, 2011
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Find out about 95% mortgages for UK first time buyers

95% Mortgages are available for UK First Time Buyers

In an attempt to kick start the UK housing market, a key player has today anounced that it is to launch a first time buyer mortgage guarantee scheme, offering 95% LTV Mortgage deals for first-time buyers. The deal has been launched initially from two…

Posted on: February, 15, 2011
Secure The Best Fixed Rate Mortgages In The UK

2.89% – Two YR Fixed Rate Mortgages – The best fixed rate mortgages for 22 yrs

The cost of fixed rate mortgages has fallen to its lowest level since 1988.According to figures released today, the average cost of a two-year fixed rate mortgage fell by 0.08% to 4.4% in September.Similar falls were recorded in the cost of 3 and 5 year…

Posted on: October, 7, 2010
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The Facts About Debt Management

Debt Management – Read the facts

Managing our financial situation can be a hard thing to do, mostly, when we cannot get the needed advice and professional help. The situation gets harder when we have major debts to deal with, to eliminate them. Getting some useful tips might be necessar…

Posted on: April, 30, 2010
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