UK House Price Increases

Three Top Tools for Learning about Forex

It would be misleading to state that trading Forex is an easy endeavour. The currency markets are some of the fastest paced and most volatile in the world, and there are a thousand different factors capable of driving movement and influencing trader sentiment.   This means that it’s incredibly important to understand the machinations of […]

Posted on: February, 18, 2016
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how to get the best price for your property

How to Sell Your Property Quickly for Instant Cash

We’ve all heard the same tips about how to get the best price for your property. All you have to do is give the kitchen a new lick of paint, clean up the garden, and make sure that there’s no clutter around when any potential buyers are visiting, right? While all of this is fine […]

Posted on: November, 19, 2015
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Is the UK housing market on the up - Tell us what you think?

How to Get the Best Price for Your Property

Selling your home can be an incredibly stressful experience. There is so much tied up in the outcome that getting it right from start to finish is imperative. With your job, finances, future, and happiness all reliant on securing the sale that you need, you’ll be seeking the perfect handover. One of the key objectives […]

Posted on: November, 4, 2015
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Debt Crisis Help and Money Advice

Debt Crisis Warning From CCCS

National debt charity Consumer Credit Counselling Service is warning that rising unemployment and high inflation will lead to a sharp rise in personal debt problems over the next few years. CCCS is concerned about the Office for Budget Responsibility…

Posted on: March, 29, 2011
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Chancellors Red Budget Box

March 2011 UK Chancellors Budget

March 2011 UK Chancellors BudgetThe amount people can earn before paying tax will be increased by around £600 from April next year, Chancellor George Osborne will announce today. Tax allowance Chancellor George Osborne is to increase the personal…

Posted on: March, 23, 2011
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Rising Debt Problems

CCCS Reports UK Debt Problems Are On The Up

According to a UK charity, job losses and reduced income from work in the UK is leaving more households struggling to pay their debts, with the problem only looking to increase over the months ahead. The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) repo…

Posted on: March, 15, 2011
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Avoid UK interest rates increases

UK Interest Rates Will Rise in May 2011

The Bank of England will raise interest rates from their historically low levels in May, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has predicted. The group also downgraded its UK GDP growth forecast to 1.4% for 2011, lower than its December projection of…

Posted on: March, 8, 2011
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Tracker mortgages with the lowest rates

Lowest Base Rate Tracker Mortgage Rates

In the last month mortgage lenders like Cumberland Building Society, ING Direct, Nationwide Building Society, Northern Bank (NI), Northern Rock, Platform, Principality Building Society, Santander, The Mortgage Works, and Woolwich from Barclays have re…

Posted on: March, 8, 2011
The North South Devide in UK House Prices

UK House Prices – Is There A North South Devide

According to the latest RICS UK Housing Market survey which showed that large parts of the North, East and Midlands continued to experience a more downbeat picture. London was the only region to record a positive reading for house prices last month,…

Posted on: March, 8, 2011
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Keeping Your Pet Care Costs Down

A report released today by the PDSA has revealed that hundreds of thousands of pets in the UK are not receiving the care that is needed to ensure a healthy long life due to pet owners feeling the pinch financially. With austerity measures in place, we…

Posted on: March, 3, 2011
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