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How to Get the Best Poor Credit Mortgage Deal.

If you have had credit problems brought about by the recession, but things are looking up now and you need a new mortgage to help you to move house or to reduce your outgoings, then look no further as our mortgage experts can help you with choosing from the best poor credit mortgages available in the UK. The mortgages are designed with acceptance in mind for people who are looking for a mortgage, but don’t have a great credit rating. There are steps that you can take to help improve your chances of being accepted for poor credit mortgages and move one step closer to the house or flat of your dreams. Finding mortgages for poor credit is possible with a bit of work and effort.

Check your Credit Rating to Get The Best Poor Credit Mortgages

Before assuming the worst, find out exactly what is listed on your credit report. Experian, Equifax and CallCredit are the main credit reference agencies, so sign up and get your credit report from each of them, as different finance companies will use different agencies. It should cost only £3 for each agency, or you may be able to take out a free trial to use their services. Poor credit mortgages are offered by finance companies but it is best to know exactly what your credit rating is, before starting the application process. Even with a low credit rating, bad credit mortgages could well be an option, particularly if you clear any errors from your file first.

Get on the Electoral Roll

It is essential that you are registered on the electoral roll – the list of voters held by the council in your area. You don’t have to wait until they send round the forms each year, fill in an application form on to be listed on the electoral roll and help improve your chance of getting mortgages for poor credit.

Use a Specialist Credit Repair Mortgage Broker

Every time you do a credit application, a search marker will be noted on your credit record and too many of these will act as a red flag to potential lenders. In order that you avoid this situation, you can opt to use the services of a market comparison expert like Moneymatchmaker, where you will benefit from a single application process, which includes a single credit search, which can be used to match you against all considered lenders. So instead of you randomly picking banks or lenders, go through a full application process, hoping that they offer bad credit mortgages, you can apply once , have your profile assessed and matched to lenders who will accept your application.

The benefits of applying through a specialist expert mortgage broker like us, is that you apply once and we will find a company that will accept you because we know that they will offer poor credit mortgages that suit your profile. (N.B – High street banks are less likely to offer mortgages for poor credit, so a specialist in finding bad credit mortgages is your best chance of getting the money and fresh start that you need).

How To Find The Best Poor Credit Mortgages.

Are you in need of a quick mortgage, but want to make sure it is the best!

  • Looking for a mortgage to find a better deal, raise capital or consolidate debt.
  • Looking to invest – Buy to let mortgages at competitive rates.
  • No proof of income – We don’t need to check what you earn.
  • Poor credit history – No Problem, We’ll give you a fresh start.
  • Our online application takes just a couple of minutes to complete.

Your mortgage adviser will search the Poor Credit Mortgage market to find the best mortgage deals to suit you. They have arrangements with specialist mortgage lenders, who can provide mortgages at competitive rates for customers who have had past credit problems or who have unusual situations. Access mortgages with competitive rates, even if you’ve had CCJ’s, Arrears, an IVA or have no proof of income (Employed and self-employed).

Poor Credit Mortgage Advice

Times have changed since the days when only people with a perfect credit rating could get a mortgage. People have chequered credit histories, but the good news is, there are poor credit mortgages in the UK, which are made available for people, who might think that their past credit history would exclude them from being accepted. connect you with specialist mortgage brokers who provide low rate Poor Credit mortgages to help people to raise cash and make a fresh start. As specialist mortgage brokers, they understand that life isn’t black and white, so we will help you find the right Poor Credit mortgage.

You are not alone! Many UK homeowners need a Poor Credit mortgage; the lenders have provided mortgage products for people in situations just like yours. Maybe you have tried getting a mortgage from a building society, but been refused or turned down, the good news is that the lender will assess you as an individual, consider your impaired credit rating and provide you with a Poor Credit mortgage.
Interest rates are generally higher for impaired mortgages, but there are fixed rate options that will help you to budget and providing you keep up your repayments, you will soon be moving on to a lower rate standard type of mortgage.

For people still in their first home, Poor Credit mortgages will give you the opportunity to move house or refinance to make life easier.

To find out if a poor credit mortgage is right for you, simply click on the “Get A Quote” button in the top of the right hand column and connect with our experts – If it’s possible, we will search an extensive panel of lenders to help find you the right mortgage for your circumstances.

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