Online Debt Consolidation Mortgage Calculator

Debt Consolidation Mortgage Calculator

Fill in details of all of your debts, then you will see exactly how much you could save! Amount
Outstanding /
Your current Monthly
Mortgage: £ £
Secured Loan/s: £ £
Credit Cards (Your monthly payment is usually calculated at 5% of the balance): £ £
Store Cards (This is usually a fixed monthly payment) : £ £
HP Agreements: £ £
Other (Bank Overdraft etc): £ £
Total for consolidation / Old payments
Old Payment
Total New Advance / New payments: New Payment
New interest Rate: *subject to status
Total Saving per Month*
Total Saving per Year*

Now that you can see how much money you could save, go ahead and get the process underway right now and take advantage of your savings -

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Find out how much money you can save by consolidating your debts.

Saving money on your monthly outgoings by consolidating all of your debt into your mortgage, so that you have one easier to manage monthly repayment is accepted as a good way of restructuring your finances to deal with debt. NOTE – Make sure that you take the opportunity for getting out of debt as a positive way forward with your finance and do not run up credit card debts all over again, as a debt consolidation program is normally only something that you should consider once, otherwise you will eat up all of the equity in your property.

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