Prepaid Funeral Plans – Making Plans & Saving Money

Many people think that facing up to our own mortality is a sombre thing to do and will not face it. However, for many of us who have lived our lives with financial plans, making the ultimate plan for what happens once we have left this world, is a completely natural thing to do.

Not only can you leave clear instructions on how you would like your funeral service to run. But you will have also covered off the financial costs of your funeral, as a good prepaid funeral plan will include financing for all of the elements of your funeral and will avoid the need for your loved ones from being concerned about how your funeral service and remembrance will be paid for.

Later Life Financial Planning

Two things are certain in life – Death & Paying Taxes – Those who take out one of the many pre-paid funeral plans that are available from UK plan providers, will buy their own funeral services at the rates on the day of purchase, avoiding the increases in costs that are brought about by inflation. It is very important that at the same time as you take out your funeral prepayment plan, you also consider making a last will and testament that will layout how your estate is to be distributed following your passing. Talking to one of our later life finance advisers will make sure that you consider all eventualities and do not make a mistake in your funeral planning desires or in your tax planning arrangements. If you get either of these wrong, the financial burden will pass to your loved ones to clear up, which is a situation that we would all want to avoid.

For understandable reasons many people do not wish to spend too much time thinking about funeral planning. Unfortunately, everybody on this planet has to eventually have a funeral and therefore it makes sense to plan in advance in order to not only get to the arrangements as you would like them to be but also to get the best possible deal. By making the decision now to look into funeral plans and insurance you not only give yourself peace of mind knowing that everything will be taken care of but you also make sure that your family will not be out of pocket whatsoever with any of the arrangements and ensure that you’ll be able to leave more to your family in terms of inheritance.

Compare Funeral Plans From UK Providers

Naturally one of the first things you will want to do is to compare funeral plans. There are a range of different types of pre-paid funeral plans available and so understandably, given the importance of the event, you will want to be well acquainted with the different options on offer. Most commonly what is on offer is a choice of three different plans: simple, traditional and superior. It is up to you and your family to decide which of the three types of service on offer, would best suit your needs and budget. After you’ve decided which plan would be best for you, you then need to take a little time to compare funeral plans from different providers. There can be quite marked difference between the prices quoted, each of the many companies are essentially offering the same service, but some have terms and prices that are far better than the rest. For this reason we strongly recommend that you use a funeral plans comparison service, one which allows you to compare quotes from different providers across United Kingdom, enabling you to find the very best deal for you. This is much easier and more time efficient compared with individually contacting each of the providers by yourself. It is also helpful for you if you don’t want to spend too much time dwelling on the subject of prepaid funeral plans. Using a comparisons service, will allow you to quickly review the different plans and prices, without committing and without the hours that would be needed to compare all of the funeral plans that are on offer.

Prepaid Funeral Plans – Saving You Money By Paying At Today’s Rate.

There are two main advantages to planning ahead, firstly to protect your loved ones from the potential impacts of having to find the money, to give you the kind of send off that they would like. The other major advantage is that by buying a prepaid funeral plans, you will lock the price of your funeral at the price that applies on the day of purchase, avoiding all future price increases. Both of these elements are of great benefit to your family, as once you have passed, they will be able to spend precious time remembering and commemorating rather than worrying about how funeral expenses are going to be paid. This is a most wonderful gift to them and one which many of those who haven’t taken out a prepaid funeral plan, will not be fortunate enough to have the benefit of. The fact that a funeral plan can be paid for by either a single lump sum or via low cost, monthly installments, it is also extremely helpful to most families, as not many have access to the several thousand pounds that will be required at the time of paying for a funeral.

For these reasons and many more, it is highly advisable that you take a close look at the funeral plans comparison services that are available today, it will give you and your loved ones the peace of mind in knowing that financial pressures will never be an issue.

If you would like to make comparisons of the best funeral plans on offer for yourself, then we have made it easy for you!

We have partnered with the Leading Independent UK Funeral Plans Comparisons Experts at Silver Choices and they have consultants who are ready to help. Simply click on the Green “Request More Info” button further up the page, complete your details in the form and you will receive a Personalised Recommendations Illustration, both by email and in the post, which is packed full of all the information that you will need to make your own choices. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to give them a call on 0800 193 4080.

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