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Was I Mis Sold PPI – Find Out With Our Free UK PPI Claims Calculator

You can also find out how much your refund could be worth?

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Complete the PPI refund check to get the answer to was i mis sold ppi? – The check calculates UK PPI Refunds on mortgages, loans, credit cards & other finance agreements.

You might be surprised by the amount of money you may be able to get refunded back!
  • At the time of the PPI insurance policy sale

  • Details Of Any Finance Agreements That Could Be Due A Mis Sold PPI Refund.

    Give us a few details and we'll work out how much you may be able to get back.
  • Tell us about all mortgages, loans, credit cards, HP, finance agreements or any account that you took out within the last 10 years and you think may have included mis sold PPI cover - We will use this information to work out how much any PPI refund/s will be worth.Please list each individual finance account separately with details of the amount that you borrowed and the year when the agreement started - Click on "+" to the right to add each additional account:
  • Amount Originally BorrowedYear When The Agreement Started 
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    (please enter only numbers and don't add the symbol £)
  • Have you answered all of the questions and entered details of all finance accounts that you think maybe claimable?

    Yes, then please enter your contact details in the boxes below and click on "Take the PPI Test" - The compensation claims calculator will work out if you can claim and it will tell you how much money you are eligible to claim in PPI refund/s.

    Your Claims Test Result Will be Displayed Online and a Copy Will Also Be Emailed To You For Future Reference.

    Please retain the email, it will include details of the test result and the potential value of your PPI refunds, which you can use as reference when making your PPI refund claim/s.
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