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Have you suffered any debilitating personal injuries recently or at any point in the past?

Do you believe that a clearly identifiable third party is to blame, and that your quality of life or earnings have been negatively affected as result?

If so, you could be entitled to file a personal injury claim, in order to seek a court settlement to claim compensation for a personal injury. Our experienced solicitors will assess your personal injury claim(s) upon request, in order to construct the best possible legal representation for your personal injury compensation claim.

The vast majority of personal injury claims fit into three location related categories; road, work place or public place. Identifying how (or if) your case relates to circumstantial negligence in its specific setting is the first step in being able to claim compensation for a personal injury. Documentary evidence is key in bolstering the legal feasibility of personal injury claims. Make sure that you have photographs of injuries, witness testimonies, insurance logs and other relevant documentation to hand before contacting us about your personal injury compensation claim.

Things To Consider When Making Claims For Personal Injuries

If you are considering trying to claim compensation for a road traffic accident, you will need to review the details of the event carefully. If you are found to have suffered a personal or property damage due to the (reasonably) avoidable negligence of another person or organisation of people, you should be entitled to compensation from that third party. This is mutually exclusive from state prosecution; a personal suit can be brought to court to claim compensation for a car crash or accident regardless of whether the police (or another third party) have pressed charges. This does not only apply to drivers, either as claimant or defendant. Passengers, cyclists, pedestrians and individuals entrusted with roads may be individually sued and prosecuted, or claim compensation for a road traffic accident.

Claiming Compensation For A Road Traffic Accident

In attempting to claim compensation for a car crash that you were involved in, several key factors frequently decide the viability and outcome of cases. One of the most frequent causes of road traffic personal injury claims is that the defendant lacked (or falsified) an insurance agreement. As this is both illegal and an indicator of negligence, you may be entitled to damages. Another common factor in personal injury cases is that of maintenance and security. If, for example, the road you were driving on was demonstrably inadequately gritted in icy conditions or an animal escaped a defined enclosure and caused you to crash (inducing personal injuries) you may have a very good chance to claim compensation for an avoidable road traffic accident. Please bear in mind that your case may be seriously affected if you failed to take reasonable risk adverse or illegal behaviour, for example failing to wear a seat-belt at the time of the crash. You can not claim compensation for a road traffic accident for an “Act of God” (i.e. if you were injured when your car was disabled by unanticipated flooding on the defendants land.) Convictions for careless or dangerous driving can also factor into personal injury cases; consult your solicitor for further details.

Accidents At Work – How To Claim

To claim compensation for an accident at work resulting in personal injury, much of the structural criteria for litigation remains the same. If you have suffered personal injuries in public or at work due to circumstances that you believe a business, organisation or your employer could (and should) have prevented, you could be just as entitled to claim compensation for a personal injury. To claim compensation for an accident at work, you must be able to prove that your employer failed to take adequate steps to protect your well being (i.e. maintaining clean, navigable floors) or was not insured for the work you were requested to undertake. The same applies to both retail venues and public events. If the organiser or manager was provably negligent in the same way, you can probably file to claim in much the same fashion.

Solicitors – How Will they Handle Your Personal Injury Compensation Claim?

Once we have the details of your case, our solicitors will review your personal injury compensation claim thoroughly, and assess how much your specific personal injury claim is likely to yield. Upon winning, this compensation will usually cover a mixture of medical costs, lost wages and personal damages, varying for personal circumstance and whether you claim compensation for a car crash or claim compensation for an accident at work.

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