Who Can Claim Compensation For A Delayed Flight?

Flight Delay Compensation Claims

Under European law, if your flight was delayed or cancelled, you may be entitled to “flight delay compensation”, or “flight cancellation compensation. These two terms are interchangeable in general situations. The amount for which you are eligible is fairly standard, regardless of how much your ticket was worth. It generally runs between 200 and 500 Euros.

However, filing a claim, and getting it approved, can often be a long and complicated process. Nearly 90 percent of all flight delay compensation claims are rejected when first presented to the airline involved. There are many different circumstances to be considered, such as why the flight was delayed, where it originated, and the nationality of the airline. Flight delays, or flights missed through no fault of your own, are the only reason flight delay compensation claims will ever be considered, and even then, they will be extremely difficult to prove.

You can choose to pursue the claim yourself; however, this is rarely successful. A second option is to consult with the CAA, or Civil Aviation Authority, and ask them to look into the situation on your behalf. The main objective here is for the claim to proceed more quickly, but this is very often not the case; they have a big backlog, and the process of sending the claim to the CAA, and then in turn waiting for the airline to respond can be a hugely time-consuming task.

Your third option would be to get a professional organization to act on your behalf. This is by far the most advisable route to take. Professional claim organizations like those at Moneymatchmaker have several tools at their disposal, such as specific claim management software, and access to a database of previous flight delayed compensation statistics. In addition, they have the resources to research the history of flight delays, departures and arrivals, and weather, as well as other contributing circumstances. From the airline’s point of view, dealing with a legal company, as opposed to one individual, definitely carries more weight. It is also important to bear in mind that some companies, although not all, have a ” no win no fee” policy, otherwise known as a Conditional Fee Agreement – Moneymatchmaker provides total peace of mind – We offer a No upfront charges and a complete No Win No Fee service to all of our flight delay compensation claims clients, but this pledge also includes all of our PPI Claims, Mortgage Misselling and Personal Injury claims clients.

If your flight is cancelled, you may be entitled to flight cancelled compensation. Again, the conditions here are very specific. The regulation states that, if the flight originated from an EU airport, with any airline, or from a non-EU country into an EU airport involving an EU-based airline, then you are entitled to denied boarding compensation, or flight cancelled compensation, under the Denied Boarding Regulation. The regulation also states that you must have confirmed your booking, and you must have proof that you checked in on time. If you are entitled to denied boarding compensation or flight cancelled compensation, you are should receive a refund of the full cost of the flight. This must be issued with seven days of the cancellation. You also qualify to be re-routed to your original destination at a date of your choice. Included in your flight cancellation compensation are two free phone calls or e mails, free meals, and hotel accommodation.

Keep in mind that, while it is certainly possible to collect on your claim, there are several factors which may make it more difficult: extraordinary circumstances; this includes situations such as severe weather, security issues, or political unrest. If any of these conditions are deemed to be present, you will not be entitled to denied boarding compensation. Technical problems may be used as an extraordinary circumstance, but this a vague and debatable argument; some technical issues are caused by improper maintenance, in which case the airline is at fault, and they are obligated to offer you flight cancellation compensation. Another factor which could come into play is the occurrence of an airline strike. In this case, you should be compensated if you are denied boarding the day after the strike starts, but only on that day.

Flight delays and cancellations and the reasons for them are highly subjective issues, and as such will inevitably be controversial and difficult to prove on either side. Therefore, it seems to be in your best interest to hire a professional company to deal with flight delay compensation claims on your behalf. Not only will they take care of the complicated legal paperwork, but also will have a more powerful presence in the eyes of the airline, giving you a much greater chance of having success with your claim.

European laws introduced in respect of flight delay compensation claims came about after Euro MP’s passed legislation that requires airlines to operate within certain service standards and where they fall outside of accepted limits, the airline is required to compensate all passengers in line with a tariff of compensation depending on the length of the delay and what arrangements were made to care for passengers affected.

How do you make a flight delay compensation claim?

Firstly it is important that you find out if you were traveling on a flight that is deemed to be an offender and therefore qualifies you to be compensated. Finding out is quick and easy with the claims experts at Money Matchmaker. Complete your details in flight delay compensation calculator below and click on “Check My Flight”. The calculator gathers the required details to complete the search and we provide you with a decision on whether or not you are eligible to a make a compensation claim.

Once your eligibility has been established, we will give you details of your options to make your claim.

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