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Financial Planning Advice

As we are now emerging from a painful and protracted recession throughout the United Kingdom, there are many individuals and businesses that are seeking to capitalise on what is proving to be a more liquid market. Still, there are others that may require pension advice or comprehensive levels of financial planning. This can prove to be a daunting task, for many are simply unaware of what metrics need to be considered when choosing independent financial advice. So, it proves wise to examine some of the main aspects that need to be considered when choosing this potentially rewarding service.

Unbiased Advice

One of the first aspects that needs to be recognised is the difference between an independent financial adviser and what is known as a restricted adviser. As the name may hint, a restricted adviser is only able to provide financial advice on a select number of products; most frequently these services are involved with the company he or she is working for. Thus, they may not be able to provide an unbiased point of view. An independent financial adviser (or IFA) will offer a greater degree of flexibility and more often than not, a wider variety of options to choose from.

Bespoke Services

It is obvious that one’s financial requirements should be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Some of the areas that are most often addressed are mortgages, pensions, tax planning and investing. All of the more reputable firms will be able to cater to these different sectors with both clarity and insight. Still, there are other UK financial advisers that will specialise in a discrete field. Pension advice and investment opportunities (such as commodities, for example) are two areas that may be better addressed by utilising a firm that focuses on only these concerns. However, general financial planning is certainly able to be accomplished by larger companies; they may have multiple avenues and vehicles to choose from.

A Variety of Amenities

Thanks to the power of the Internet, some of the best independent financial advice providers will offer their clients a wide variety of tools that will help them understand how their money is being used. Furthermore, this will give the client a peace of mind in knowing that he or she is being looked after by a firm that offers transparency in the very financial advice being offered. A handful of these tools can include (but are not necessarily limited to):


Of course, these all need to be paired with a second-to-none level of customer service. Additionally, there should be multiple contact options as opposed to a single phone number or email address established for general enquiries. Likewise, a page that addresses some of the most frequently asked questions is always a signal of a company that is concerned in regards to the comfort of its client base and their level of financial advice.

Direct Contact

There are some companies that espouse the notion of virtual services. However, many customers will necessitate live interaction with a dedicated individual or team of professionals. As adequate financial recommendations may be difficult for the average person to fully comprehend, all independent financial advice should be based on a direct interpersonal relationship. Thankfully, firms that provide some of the best UK financial advisers embrace this concept.

Initial Introductory Sessions

It should be quite obvious that financial planning will be defined differently for every individual. Therefore, an initial consultation is often times the best way to establish the direct needs of the customer. This will allow the company to provide proprietary and scalable services that can be moulded around the specific needs of the individual. Such tailor-made packages are the hallmark of a good firm and once again, this fully reflects the interpersonal relationship between UK financial advisers and the clients themselves.

Ultimately, there is no such concept as “one size fits all” when we are referring to financial services in the 21st century. Whether pension advice, mortgage queries or current investment opportunities are desired, a company needs to be able to provide a wide range of options with an approach that is both clear and insightful.

These are some of the key variables that should be carefully considered when choosing any type of financial planner in the United Kingdom. With more options than ever before, there has indeed never been a better time to capitalise on experienced and professional services from a reputable firm.

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