Comparisons Of Best Funeral Plans

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Choosing Best UK Prepaid Funeral Plans.

The main reason for considering buying a prepaid funeral plan is, in addition to providing protection for you, your family and the value of your estate, you will, by buying today, buy at today’s price, so you are purchasing your plan with protection from the effects of rising funeral costs and inflation.

A prepaid funeral plan or funeral prepayment plan, fixes your funeral directors costs at today price, so, as we all hope, you go on to live another 20, 30 or even more years, you will have bought your plan at the price that it was on the day of purchase.

There’s no doubt that this will always be regarded as sound financial planning. Funeral cost are currently rising at around 7% per year, and as you will probably know, there aren’t any savings accounts that offer 7% interest in the UK. The likelihood is, that however you invest your savings, the chances of them keeping up with the funeral costs increases are very slim, and your family would be left to find the shortfall at the time of your passing.

So if you want to rest assured that your passing will not put financial demands on your family, buying a prepaid funeral plan now, is definitely the way to go.

To find out more, receive a free brochure and your personalised comparisons of the best buy funeral plans in the UK, simply complete the form above. We provide our comparisons service on a totally free of charge basis, so don’t worry that we are going to make charges, you will not pay us a penny for the work that we do.

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We compare the top funeral plan companies in the UK

Comparisons Of The Best Funeral Plans
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