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Saving Money Advice Tips – Making the most of every Pound in your Pocket

Times are hard for everyone, inflation is on the up and wages have either stood still over recent years or in many cases, they have actually gone down as people are asked to take a pay cut in order to take the pressure off if they work for a small business that is struggling to […]

Posted on: February, 2, 2014
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Claiming a Refund for Mis sold Payment Protection Insurance

Otherwise simply known as PPI, payment protection insurance has become the bane of many an individual during the last few years. For the last decade, consumers who have taken out financial vehicles such as loans, credit cards, disability insurance or life insurance policies were told that this protection was “necessary” to repay the loan should […]

Posted on: February, 1, 2014
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Moneymatchmaker Supports the launch of The Pensioners Crib

Moneymatchmaker announces its support of The Pensioners Crib, a new Google Community that has been created to provide a support platform for the younger generation to support and give a bit of payback to the older generations who have become affectionately labelled the silver surfers. A spokesman at Moneymatchmaker said, we are always keen to […]

Posted on: January, 30, 2014
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Planning Your Own Funeral – Making Funeral Plans

If you make funeral plans now, your family will find it easier to mourn your loss and carry on in spite of your absence. You also will enjoy life better knowing the financial burden will not rest on them. Seeking the right insurance will help immensely. You have only one life to live, so why […]

Posted on: January, 8, 2014
Making comparisons of UK payday Loans

Five Tips if You’re Considering Payday Loans

In the current economic climate, when so many people are living just a couple of pay cheques from financial disaster, the payday loans industry is burgeoning. But before you rush into a deal that might appear an attractive solution, it’s a good idea just to take a bit of time to think about a few […]

Posted on: January, 2, 2014

Life After Your Death: How To Choose a Funeral Plan

A funeral plan can protect your family from unwanted expenses when you die. But how to choose a funeral plan – Our simple guide will help you ensure that you have the right plan in place. Few people want to think about what happens when they die. While the subject of funeral arrangements may seem […]

Posted on: December, 28, 2013

Finding Cheap Life Insurance With Low Premiums

If you’re looking to for cheap life insurance with low premiums, term life insurance is a wise investment. Let’s look at what makes term life insurance different. Life insurance is designed to protect your family upon your death.  It provides your named beneficiaries with a way to pay your final expenses. It is a binding […]

Posted on: December, 14, 2013

Don’t Wait – Get Your Money Back from Mis sold PPI

If you took out a mortgage, loans or obtained a credit card within the last ten years or so, chances are very good that the lender included Payment Protection Insurance without your knowledge. PPI, or payment protection insurance, is supposed to make payments for you when you are out of work for any reason. However, […]

Posted on: July, 31, 2013
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Secure family protection from the cheapest life insurance

Best or Cheapest Life Insurance Quotes – How to Choose

How to Compare Life Insurance Quotes Life insurance is a financial product that no one really wants to have to consider. However, if you want to protect your family financially, should the worst happen it makes sense to get the best life insurance policy you can. Although you hope you’ll never need to use it, […]

Posted on: November, 18, 2012
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Death and Grieving – The Three Phases

Death and Grieving – The Three Phases

There is very little training available for coping with death or help for dealing with grief. We come into this world with very little and we leave on the same terms, but along the way we become richer in what we learn, who we love and the memories that…

Posted on: March, 2, 2010
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