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Inheritance advice in the UK

3 Tips for Handling Your Inheritance

Losing a loved one is never easy, and if you find yourself trying to sort out their property and assets, and managing their estate, it can feel like you have no opportunity to grieve properly. If you are left a portion of a house, with one or more other parties also receiving a share, then […]

Posted on: October, 22, 2015
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Prepaid funeral plans are a must for the baby boomer population in the UK

Baby Boomer Population Needs to Purchase Prepaid Funeral Plans More than Ever

According to recent statistics, the proportion of citizens 65 years of age or older within the United Kingdom stands at no less than 23 per cent of the entire population. Although this demographic undoubtedly contributes much to society, the fact of the matter is that personal expenses are rising. This is further enhanced when we […]

Posted on: July, 24, 2015
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Read about why Prepaid Funeral Plans are no Longer for the Rich and Famous

Pre paid Funeral Plans are no Longer for the Rich and Famous

Pre paid funeral plans have been making headlines across the United Kingdom for the past decade. This is due in no small part to the rising costs of even the most basic of funerals. In fact, even the Post Office now offers their own policy! Why have we seen such an increase in these wise […]

Posted on: July, 16, 2015
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UK Pension Planning For Retirement - Unlock or not to unlock?

Pension Release Explained – Making Wise Choices

The UK government has now introduced new regulations, which make pension unlocking accessible for men and women from age 55. Pension release explained in easy terms means that everyone with a private pension can now withdraw all their pension pot funds before the standard retirement age, and not face the mandatory requirement of having to […]

Posted on: June, 2, 2015
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