Calculate Your Savings - Debt Consolidation Loan Calculator

Debt Consolidation Loan Calculator

Take a few minutes to complete this form and be amazed by how much you can Save!!!

Debt consolidation finance involves taking all of your outstanding credit including loans, credit cards, bank overdraft etc and consolidating them into one easier to manage lower monthly payment – Our free online debt consolidation loan calculator is to be easy to use and quick to show you the benefits!

Our debt consolidation calculator is designed to show you how much brighter things can be without the worry or pressures of unaffordable debt!

Debt Consolidation Loan Calculator

Fill in details of all of your debts, then you will see exactly how much money you could save by consolidating your debts! Amount
Outstanding /
Your current Monthly
Secured Loan/s: £ £
Unsecured Loan/s (Total all of your loans & payments): £ £
Credit Cards (Your monthly payment is usually calculated at 5% of the balance): £ £
Store Cards (This is usually a fixed monthly payment) : £ £
HP Agreements: £ £
Other (Bank Overdraft etc): £ £
Total for consolidation / Old payments
Old Payment
Total New Advance / New payments: New Payment
New interest Rate: *subject to status
Total Saving per Month*
Total Saving per Year*

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