Online Car Loan Calculator - Calculate Your Repayments

UK Car Loan Calculator

Our easy to use car finance calculator will tell you what your monthly repayments could be for your new car loan.

Using the calculator is simple, just follow these steps:

  • Select your Credit Rating – Clicking across the credit types below to select the one that you feel matches your circumstances.
  • Select your Loan Amount – This is the amount that you want to borrow
  • Select your Repayment Period – This is the number of months the loan will be repaid over.

There are loans available for people including;

Car loan calculator

All figures provided in the car loan calculator are estimates only – UK car loans are subject to status, the actual repayments and terms that will apply to your new car loan, will be based on your individual circumstances.

UK Car Loan Calculator Comparisons

Having used our car loan calculator you now have a good idea of what a new loan is going to cost you. If you have decided that your new the car finance is affordable to you, it’s time to get on and compare the best car loan deals on offer in the UK today. We made this easy for you, simply click on the “Get A Quote” button above, enter your details in the form, you will be provided with full details and comparisons of car loans, rates, repayments and APR’s, so that you can choose the best car finance deal that is available to you so that you can get on with buying a new car.


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