Keeping Your Pet Care Costs Down

Posted on: March, 3, 2011
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A report released today by the PDSA has revealed that hundreds of thousands of pets in the uk are not receiving the care that is needed to ensure a healthy long life due to pet owners feeling the pinch financially.

With austerity measures in place, we are all under financial pressure to keep up with the bills and non essential expenses are being cut to keep up with the rising cost of food and fuel. Inflation is reported at 5.1% and petrol at the pumps is in the mid £1.30’s per litre, so how can we keep our pets healthy, but at the same time keep costs down?

Pet insurance is one way to avoid budget planning shock. An accident or illness of a pet can be very costly, vets bills are expensive, but they can be avoided with good low cost pet insurance. Cheap pet insurance is available with rates as low as £3.75 per month for cats and the cheapest dog insurance starts at around £7.05 per month.

So what can you do to keep your pet care costs down?

The PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report states that many pets are overweight with 1 in 3 cats believed to be obese, so if your pet is affected, then cutting down on the amount that you feed can save you money.  Before you go ahead and cut down on the amount of feed, a visit to your vet is recommended to get a pet body condition score. The score will tell you how overweight your pet is and advice will be given on how much food that you should give your pet every day.

Regular exercise is key to keeping your dog healthy. Two regular 20 minute walks a day will keep your dog fit & also help you. A fit dog is far less likely to fall ill, thus avoiding expensive vet bills.

Regular vaccinations are a must, they help in many ways, firstly in avoiding nasty illnesses, which if contracted will add to your pet costs and regular annual vaccinations are usually a condition of pet insurance, so make sure your animals are vaccinated to ensure your cover is valid.

Click the link for more information and quotes for the cheapest pet insurance and to read the PDSA Animal Wellbeing report.


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