Flight Delay Claims – EU rules make it possible to claim for airline breakdowns

Posted on: June, 24, 2014

Recent flight delay claims news headlines like…

“Thomson Airways loses appeal against compensation for delay on 2006 flight…”

Airline could be hit by barrage of cases after court overturns argument it can refuse claims older than two years – Source :www.theguardian.com – 19 June 2014

“Flight delay claims could soar after court ruling”

High court rejects Jet2.com’s ‘extraordinary circumstances’ defence and awards £526 to delayed passenger – Source :www.theguardian.com – 11 June 2014

So what do these mean and how do they effect you the traveller?

In the first instance they potentially open the flood gate for claims against airlines who operate within the EU. If they have not delivered high customer service by failing to operate flights in a timely fashion, then they could be ordered to pay customers compensation payments for all flights that were delayed when flying to or from EU destinations.
The amount in monetary terms of compensation available to travellers is dictated by EU law, where varying amounts apply depending on the severity of the delay and to a point, the reasoning behind the delay. The rules state that where a flight does not operate on time, then the airline should in the first instance provide food and drinks to its customers and in addition to providing refreshments, they should also pay a cash compensation payment to each and every qualifying passenger for the delays.
There are many ambulance chasers popping up who are offering to handle claims on behalf of their clients, but there are also information specialist websites like flightdelaycompensationclaims.co.uk who provide a completing free flight delay checker, so that you can check your flight and then make your own claim with the assistance of their experts, without paying out any share of your compensation to get your money. The experts at FDCC are a business and they will assist you with your claim if you would like them to, but it is not the main focus, they provide info so that you can make an informed judgement of your own right to claim.
Don’t miss out if you have experienced a flight delay yourself, making a claim won’t cost you anything more than a little time and who knows, you could be entitled to a compensation payment for a flight delay that happened up to 8 years ago.

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