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Compare Gas and Electricity Prices

With both energy and fuel prices in the United Kingdom projected to rise exponentially throughout the next decade, it may well be worth your time to compare gas and electricity prices from the “Big Six” and smaller companies now, rather than later, in order to get the best tariff possible for your money. Many customers will miss out on better deals simply through to failing to compare gas and electricity prices.

Cheap Gas Suppliers

Money Matchmaker takes the hassle out of this inconvenient and convoluted time sink for you through using the internet to search through suppliers more thoroughly than even before. If you wish to either compare gas prices in the UK or compare electricity prices in the UK, Money Matchmaker offers an easy platform for searching and switching either your house or business over to a cheaper (or more appropriate) provider. Through analysing set criteria and almost all existing energy arrangements, our program will automatically sort prices from prominent energy providers to find the most frugal (or convenient) solution for you.

Using our website, you can compare gas prices in the UK or compare electricity prices in the UK simply by filling out a short questionnaire, and hitting enter. No obligation or payment is required. Our inbuilt calculation app allows you to get a fast estimate of both your current and potential yearly costs, making it ideal for customers looking to succinctly compare deals.

Cheap Electricity Suppliers

The price of both gas and electricity in the United Kingdom is often dependent on certain key factors, many of which you could probably stand to save on. Suppliers vary their rates greatly depending on geographical location, and national estimation can vary greatly. Certain companies may be relying on an established presence in your area to overcome cheaper competition. Likewise, you may have had to sign up to two different suppliers when you first moved in, either due to a lack of provision or information. Recent competition has greatly increased the number of energy providers, creating a consumer focused marketplace in which the undercut takes precedent. New “Smart Meters” (such as the Economy 7) have also had a contributive effect to lowering prices for certain customers. You may stand to be better off through installing or using this new technology on a variable rate plan, rather than relying on your current fixed package or prepaid meter.

Another common oversight amongst consumers is assuming that “one size fits all” when it comes to gas or electricity. Suppliers now offer a range of focused packages for smaller and larger than average properties, as well as discounts for high consumption. Even the way you pay your bills may affect your final charge. Many companies offer now incentives for subscribers on web managed (or ‘paperless’) payment schemes. You may also wish to switch due to environmental or ethical concerns. Growing companies such as Ecotricity offer “green only” packages, meaning that your electricity can now be sourced exclusively from renewables. With government initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions such as the amended “Green Deal” in the pipeline, switching strategically now could pay long term dividends.

Money Matchmaker factors all of these variables (and more) to compare gas and electricity prices in the UK. We will provide you with thoroughly comprehensive information about the best packages, as well as convenient links to quickly initiate the switching process. Once you have made your decision from the list and filled out the required paperwork online on our secure platform, we will take care of the rest. We will contact the energy supplier in question through our proprietary services, and ask them to set up an account for you. After a period of 4-12 weeks, your chosen provider will come online with your new, cheaper package. There’s no need for invasive set-up work to install new infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to compare gas prices in the UK or compare electricity prices in the UK, we will include direct availability in our assessment. This means that you won’t have to lift a finger (beyond clicking) to get up and running.

You literally have nothing to lose by comparing prices with Money Matchmaker, and perhaps a lot to gain.

Please bear in mind that energy supplier requirements and provisions will vary greatly. You may have to manually cancel payment for any existing packages; contact your current energy or gas supplier for further details.

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