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If you are travel abroad on your family holiday or a regular travel for business to foreign countries, the benefits of a specialist credit card for foreign spending is a must. Not only are they a more secure way of providing spending money when you outside of the UK, but they also very often include extra features like travel insurance and protection if you loose your card whilst travelling overseas.

Search for the Best Foreign Spending Credit Cards to use overseas

Search and compare the best credit cards for spending on holiday or when you are travelling abroad for business;

ProviderAPR (variable) 0% Purchases0% Balance Transfers RewardsForeign SpendingQuote
A Personalised Illustration of the best cards available will be provide upon enquiry and subject to status.
Capital One Classic Card 34.90%N/AN/ANoneWorld:0.00% Europe:0.00%
Aqua Advance Card 34.90%N/AN/ANoneWorld:0.00% Europe:0.00%
Tesco Bank Clubcard Credit Card (Balance Transfer) 18.90%3 months29 months - Fee: 2.9% PointsWorld:2.75% Europe:2.75%
Tesco Bank Clubcard Credit Card with Low BT Fee 18.90%12 months12 months - Fee: 0.85% PointsWorld:2.75% Europe:2.75%
Tesco Bank Clubcard Credit Card (Purchase) 18.90%18 months3 months - Fee: 2.9% PointsWorld:2.75% Europe:2.75%
Capital One Aspire Elite Card 19.90%N/AN/ACashbackWorld:2.75% Europe:2.75%
Capital One Classic Extra Card 34.90%N/AN/ACashbackWorld:2.75% Europe:2.75%
Santander 123 Credit Card 22.80%1 month1 months - Fee: 5% CashbackWorld:2.95% Europe:2.95%
Aqua Classic Card (29.7%) 29.70%N/AN/ANoneWorld:2.95% Europe:2.95%
AA Rewards Credit Card 16.90%10 months12 months - Fee: 3% PointsWorld:2.99% Europe:2.99%
AA Transfer Plus Credit Card 16.90%N/AN/A - Fee: 2% InfoWorld:2.99% Europe:2.99%
AA Balance Transfer Credit Card 17.90%3 months16 months - Fee: 2.9% PointsWorld:2.99% Europe:2.99%
Barclaycard Platinum With Balance Transfer (30 Mths) 18.90%6 months30 months - Fee: 2.89% NoneWorld:2.99% Europe:2.99%
Barclaycard Platinum With Balance Transfer (31 Mths)18.90% 6 months 31 months - Fee: 2.99% None World:2.99% Europe:2.99%
Barclaycard Platinum With Balance Transfer (28 Mths) 18.90%6 months28 months - Fee: 2.44% NoneWorld:2.99% Europe:2.99%
Barclaycard Platinum Purchase 18.90%14 months18 months - Fee: 2.49% NoneWorld:2.99% Europe:2.99%
Barclaycard Platinum Low Balance Transfer Fee 18.90%6 months16 months - Fee: 1.5% NoneWorld:2.99% Europe:2.99%
Barclaycard Freedom Rewards 18.90%N/A9 months - Fee: 2.9% PointsWorld:2.99% Europe:2.99%
Vanquis Credit Card 29.80%N/AN/ANoneWorld:2.99% Europe:2.99%
Barclaycard Initial Credit Card 34.90%3 MonthsN/ANoneWorld:2.99% Europe:2.99%
Aqua Classic Card (39.9%) 39.90%N/AN/ANoneWorld:2.95% Europe:2.95%
Vanquis Bank Ltd Visa Card 39.90%N/AN/ANoneWorld:2.99% Europe:2.99%
Argos Credit Card 39.90%N/AN/ANoneWorld:2.99% Europe:2.99%
Black Diamond Credit Card 59.90%N/AN/ANoneWorld:2.99% Europe:2.99%

If you are planning a trip abroad, or hope to make a large purchase on a foreign website, make sure you research the best travel credit cards. Do not wait until you make that must-have purchase to realise that any foreign spending on your credit cards may incur unexpected heavy charges when you use them for currency outside the UK. At Moneymatchmaker we know how the costs of travelling can add up, and want to let you know how to save money when spending abroad.

Some retailers abroad might convert your purchase price into sterling for you. It does not do you any favours. It allows them to profit from inflating the exchange rate. If you pay by card, your provider may not offer the prevailing exchange rate either. Banks also charge fees on credit and debit card cash withdrawals. There may be another fee-charge each time you use the card for whatever reason and interest rates may be applied daily, even if you pay the full amount owed at the end of the month.

These costs can add up, so what you really need are cost-effective credit cards for holidays abroad. It is best to apply early if you need travel credit cards, so that the provider can assess your application in time. Some cards have better interest rates than others, so you may wish to keep foreign spending credit cards as separate, specific credit cards for holidays abroad. The best card we have found so far, Halifax Clarity, offers the current exchange rate on purchases and withdrawals, without any loading. Whilst there are no cash withdrawal fees, there is a daily interest rate charge, which is charged pro-rata of the prevailing APR rate, until it is repaid.

You might prefer to have just one card in your wallet, which you can use both in the UK and for foreign spending. We like the Capital One Classic Extra card because it has no foreign exchange loading and pays 0.5% cashback on purchases. However, there is a 3% charge for cash withdrawals, with a minimum charge of £3.00, plus a daily interest rate charge.

Other credit cards for holidays abroad are available which offer rewards for foreign spending on credit cards, such as upgrades to business class when travelling, or higher cashback amounts, or fraud protection. Check out our comparison tables and find out what the best options are for you on travel credit cards.

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