Comparison of best frequent flyer Air Miles credit cards

Compare the best air miles credit card deals on offer to frequent flyers in the UK. If you are a regular air traveller, then taking advantage of paying for your airline tickets with a leading air miles credit cards will mean that every trip will be storing up point to a free trip at some point in the future.

Compare the top frequent flyer Air Miles Deals

Find the best deals available in the table below and click on “Compare” to check out how the deals stack up against one another. Once you have selected the deal that suits you, simply click Apply and you are on your way to getting the right air miles credit card in your pocket.

ProviderAPR (variable) 0% Purchases0% Balance Transfers RewardsQuote
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American Express - British Airways Premium Plus - £150 annual fee56.4%19.9%N/ATravel
MBNA - Emirates Skywards Elite Credit Card Account - £150 annual fee55.1%0% for 12 monthsN/ATravel
Virgin Air Credit Card - £140 annual fee 52.1%18.9%N/AFlying Club miles


If you travel regularly by air, air miles can be accumulated when paying for your flight(s) with frequent flyer air miles credit cards. The best card for you will depend on how often you fly and how much you spend.

Most holiday flyers who travel reasonably regularly find that the Avios scheme (formerly known as Air Miles) is probably the most flexible. Avios air miles credit cards are currently available through a number of suppliers. Please see the table below.

On the other hand, if you fly more often or long haul, you may well wish to consider frequent flyer air miles credit cards that are issued by airlines themselves – BA, Virgin, etc. These usually offer more points, so you accrue more free travel. Also, airlines’ own frequent flyer air miles credit cards typically offer other useful incentives such as fast check in, use of a business or other premium departure lounge and free flight upgrades.

Points per pound can vary significantly depending on the card issuer and even on the type of card – for example some air miles credit cards might offer 1.5 Avios points per £1 spent on an American Express card (often doubled during your first few months) whereas a MasterCard might give 1.5 points per £5 spent. In other words, that particular deal gives only 20% of the points on one card as it gives on another, or five times less – or even ten times less during the initial period.

When selecting a card, the monthly interest rate should also be considered. Unless you pay for your purchases in full each month, interest will be charged and in some cases this can be considerably more than any savings you might make through free air miles.

Take a look at the offers currently available in the table below and compare the best air miles credit cards for you – taking into account income or status requirements, annual card fees, any initial points bonus and the points awarded per pound spent. Click ‘Apply´ to take your next step to achieving free or reduced cost travel.

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