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Making online comparisons to find out which is the best zero percent balance transfer credit card available in the UK.

Use the table below to find the best 0% Balance Transfer credit cards

Great rates for credit cards that you can use for those who want to transfer their current credit card balance over to a new card that is charged at 0% for a fixed period of time. Use the table below to find out which credit card company is offering the cheapest zero percent balance transfer offer.

ProviderAPR (variable) 0% Purchases0% Balance Transfers RewardsQuote
A Personalised Illustration of the best cards available will be provide upon enquiry and subject to status.
Barclaycard Platinum With Balance Transfer (31 Mths)18.90% 6 months 31 months - Fee: 2.99% None
Barclaycard Platinum With Balance Transfer (30 Mths) 18.90%6 months30 months - Fee: 2.89% None
Tesco Bank Clubcard Credit Card (Balance Transfer) 18.90%3 months29 months - Fee: 2.9% Points
Barclaycard Platinum With Balance Transfer (28 Mths) 18.90%6 months28 months - Fee: 2.44% None
Barclaycard Platinum Purchase 18.90%14 months18 months - Fee: 2.49% None
Barclaycard Platinum Low Balance Transfer Fee 18.90%6 months16 months - Fee: 1.5% None
AA Balance Transfer Credit Card 17.90%3 months16 months - Fee: 2.9% Points
Tesco Bank Clubcard Credit Card with Low BT Fee 18.90%12 months12 months - Fee: 0.85% Points
AA Rewards Credit Card 16.90%10 months12 months - Fee: 3% Points
Barclaycard Freedom Rewards 18.90%N/A9 months - Fee: 2.9% Points
Tesco Bank Clubcard Credit Card (Purchase) 18.90%18 months3 months - Fee: 2.9% Points
Santander 123 Credit Card 22.80%1 month1 months - Fee: 5% Cashback
AA Transfer Plus Credit Card 16.90%N/AN/A - Fee: 2% Info

Find The Best 0% Balance Transfer Deals Today

When choosing the right 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards there are a number of factors which applicants must take into consideration. Simply choosing the longest offer or the lowest fee could lead you to more financial woes but wading through the myriad of variable terms and conditions can often be confusing and head-ache-worthy. Because there are so many different balance transfer credit cards options out there we are here to make the whole process go as smoothly as possible to ensure you get the deal which is best suited to your circumstances.

Nowadays every penny counts and finding ways to maximise the returns of your hard earned money is more important than ever. By searching with us you can find the very best deals on 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards. Our database holds the most current and accurate financial information so that you can search with confidence and security. With us you know won’t be missing out on any better deals.

When you decided to save money by moving debts via balance transfer credit cards you need to ensure that you know exactly how long it will take for you to clear the debt. The important thing to remember when looking for a deal is that you want to lowest fee you can find for the 0% time that you know you will be able to clear the debt. This means being rigorous in your financial planning and sticking to a set budget.

Switching money between 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards can often be beneficial because the one-off transfer fee you will pay to do it usually outweighs the hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds in interest you will accrue by leaving your debts where they are. With balance transfer periods getting longer and longer, there has never been a better time to shop around for the perfect balance transfer credit cards.

Our extensive database and state-of-the-art search engine mean you can effortlessly compare deals and browse the results where all of the key information is displayed in an easy to read layout. Don’t waste time visiting hundreds of websites, let us do the hard-work for you.

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