Credit Report Repair Tips and Advice

Posted on: March, 9, 2010
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Are you worrying about the state of your credit report? Read help and tips on how to repair your credit report score, including some help with debt and avoiding some common credit misconceptions.

This article includes tips on consumer credit repair, how to improve your credit score and what NOT to do in an attempt to beat the system.

Wondering what is in a credit report score?

Your consumer credit report is a detailed record of your credit worthiness your financial activities, including your payment profile. The report will include all of your credit accounts, mortgages and outstanding loans. It shows the current balances on your credit cards and loans, and a detailed breakdown of your payment history.

UK lenders are permitted to carry out a credit check on you as part of processing any application for credit that you make and they will using the information when deciding if you are suitable risk for lending purposes. The deciding factors considered will include whether you pay your bills on time or if you fail to pay your bills at all, your current lenders report this credit information and irrespective of it being good or bad, the information is held on your credit file.

What are the benefits to repairing my credit?

Having a poor credit report will lead you to only qualify for more expensive bad credit finance products. By keeping a clean slate, you will qualify for lower cost finance, loans and credit cards. The better your credit is the cheaper finance interest rates can be. If you currently have problems with credit report rating issues and want to improve things to cut your cost of living, then there are simple steps that you can take for credit report repair.

What entries can be removed from my credit report?

Any report information can be removed from your credit report, examples of the types of things that can be removed are bankruptcies, defaults, repossessions, late payments, administration orders, iva’s, county court judgments, and more. UK Law states that any entry against an item on your credit file must be removed if it is inaccurate or cannot be proved.

How long do negative credit report entries stay on my credit file?

Entries like credit defaults, county court judgements, bankruptcies, IVA’s and repossessions will stay on your credit score file for a period of 6 years. After this period the items are usually removed automatically, however this is not always the case and at this time you may request for the entries to be removed. There are some exceptions to these rules. A bankruptcy will remain for a period of ten years, as can a repossession order.

What to do if your debts getting out of control?

Financial pressure is something that is reported to be affecting up to 80% of the UK population. Making ends meet with lower incomes, redundancy, marriage or relationship breakdowns and many other of life’s trials is added to by a global recession, uncertainty of the outcome of an imminent general election and to cap it all we currently have a very weak pound, which affects our lives in more ways than we realise. Money help is available in many ways – If you are struggling to pay your bills and need help with debt problems, which include more useful help and information, simply go to the credit report check to find out what your score is right now. You will find easy access to free debt help from money experts who have many ways to assist you in getting on top of your money problems and making a fresh start that will get you on the road to credit report repair and a fresh start with your finances.

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