Beware New 2014 Rip Off Telephone Call Scams

Posted on: February, 1, 2014
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Happy New Year one and All – But is It? – Well let’s make sure that it is and we want to start it off well by making our readers and their friends aware of the latest rip off telephone call scam to rear it’s ugly head. The latest money rip off to be dreamed up by the bad people of this world, is intended to relieve us of some more of our hard earned money,  in order to benefit their own dishonest personal gains.

The money experts at returned from a well earned Xmas/New Year break to an unusually large volume of call back requests. Hundreds of our customers were apparently looking for help and advice to secure new low rate mortgages, loans, insurance and credit cards, which included inquiries from people who want to talk through money advice for payment protection refunds, flight delay compensation claims, personal injuries, you name it, we had reached the top of the UK finance advice world.

But our managers being typically inquisitive, immediately wanted to know where our apparent massive increase in market share had come from? Have we jumped up the search listings on Google, Bing and Yahoo? Has our TV, Radio or Newspaper/Magazine adverts or articles really taken off like never before?

The answer unfortunately is NO, something more sinister was at the route of our unprecedented success!

It turns out that the problem not only affects businesses like ours, but is also a major concern for consumers, businesses and call centre operations alike. We all need to be aware of answerphone messages or emails asking for us to call on what looks like just another ordinary mobile telephone number. In our experience, we found that we had requests for calls for telephone support, money advice or quotes, which we offer as part of our service offering our customers to submit a “Request A Callback” to help our clients to avoid the cost of phone calls by us calling them back.

So how do the new telephone call scams effect us all?

The scammers are leaving thousands of computer generated telephone answer phone messages, sending emails and completing thousands of online call back forms on business websites using sophisticated automatic form completing software, which really does make the inquiries look real. The only tell tale sign that anything wrong, is in the premium rate numbers that are being used, which look to most of us, to be normal mobile phone numbers. When the number is called, it goes straight to a voice mail message that states that the person is not currently available and to call them back later (There’s no mention of leaving your name or number for the person to call you back as you would normally expect!). The reason that they want you to call back later, is that the calls to them are charged at a fixed flat fee of £0.50 per call (Minimum – Some are charged at an even higher rate) to the caller and if you fall for the scam as they want you to, then when you call back later and again and again.

The numbers concerned in this new telephone number scam all start with “0704” and sometimes they are “704”, but whichever variety, they are all very bad news and could end up costing you £’s of your hard earned cash.

We are determined to spread the word about these telephone call scams – Help to spread the word by sharing this with all of your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, at work, in fact anywhere that you can think of to make sure that as many people as possible become aware of the issue and don’t fall foul of this scam.

Please send us details of any other scams or rip off that you want people to know about, we will make it our mission to make 2014 the year when the consumer fights back for fairness for us all.

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