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Money Matchmaker presents the products and services offered by regulated finance and insurance companies with our “UK Search and Compare” service that allows you to find the best deals, offers and rates available in the UK. We are one of the largest UK providers of specialist finance solutions on an E-commerce basis. You will be introduced to various companies or brokers specialising in your chosen product/s. our aim is to provide you with information and to direct you to a relevant expert within that field. We aim to help with money problems and our money expert partners will find the right kind of service to suit your needs.

You will not receive advice or recommendations from Moneymatchmaker.com. With our “UK search and compare” solution we may ask some questions to narrow down the selection of products to ensure that you are connected with a money expert or regulated finance broker that can match your money needs.

Registered Office:
The Laurels, Bere Road,
Winterborne Kingston,
Blandford Forum,
Dorset. DT11 9BA,
United Kingdom

Who We Are?

Money matchmaker.com is a modern information only platform that offers unbiased information on the current mortgage products, loans, insurance, credit cards and many other finance related products available within the UK finance market place. Owned and operated within the UK, the site has been designed and developed for the average user interested in securing mortgages, loan, insurance, credit cards and money advice services like debt advice, compensation claims information and late life finance planning for funeral payment plans, saving, making a will and estate planning.

We don’t sell or provide advice on finance or insurance products ourselves, which means we can offer an informative overview of the various products and types of services available within UK lending and insurance markets and put you in contact with a relevant money expert who specialise in the sector that matches your inquiries.

Mortgage, Loan, Credit Card and Insurance Comparison Service

As you will see, we provide an online quote service for users that would like to speak to an FCA regulated mortgage broker, insurance broker or finance broker, this service is there purely as part of the on-site facilities making Money matchmaker.com a complete finance, insurance and specialist money expert resource website.
We only deal with professional regulated advisers and broker. We might receive payment from the companies that we connect our website visitors – These payments are not linked to the price charged for the products/services that you select and is nominal and is not passed on to you the user.


We do not pass your information to anyone accept the money expert for your chosen product or service. We only do this if you have requested this by submitting one of our application or quote forms or have requested it in written format using a contact request page.


We do not advise on, promote or sell financial products. Moneymatchmaker.com is not a regulated company or website. The website has managed and updated by by Lead Sellers UK, to offer a simple overview of current finance and insurance available from UK companies who operate in selected market sectors. The aim of the site is to cut through the unnecessary ‘financial jargon’ usually associated within the finance industry, allowing everyday people to gain a better understanding of the various main UK mortgages, loans and insurance matches available to them.

How are We Paid?

Moneymatchmaker.com is an independent online information source, connecting our website visitors directly with market specialists to provide help, Information within the partners particular area of specialty. We do not take any payments that will effect or influence the money or product advice provided to our website visitors. We may however receive payments from a third party for the introduction, these payments being made to us upon completion of the customers purchase or contract. These payments are made for the connection between the two parties and are not made based upon any recommendation or influence on product or brand.

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