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Latest Finance News

Is the UK housing market on the up - Tell us what you think?

Online vs Traditional Estate Agent Reviews – What to Believe

With so many options to sell your home in this day and age, you’re not alone if you’ve been feeling a little confused about the financial and practical pros and cons of each option. Even after reading up on estate agent reviews and testimonials online, there are so many things to consider. This post will […]

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Posted on: May, 3, 2016
Categories: Consumer News,
UK House Price Increases

Three Top Tools for Learning about Forex

It would be misleading to state that trading Forex is an easy endeavour. The currency markets are some of the fastest paced and most volatile in the world, and there are a thousand different factors capable of driving movement and influencing trader sentiment.   This means that it’s incredibly important to understand the machinations of […]

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Posted on: February, 18, 2016
Categories: Articles,
Free credit Check | Free Credit Report | Check Credit Rating

3 Ways to Boost Your Credit Rating

If your financial history isn’t strong, then it’s likely that you’re currently looking for ways that you can boost your credit rating. Fortunately, if your poor credit history means that you’re struggling to get credit, then help is at hand, as there are simple ways that you can boost your credit rating. Here are our […]

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Posted on: December, 1, 2015
Categories: Money Advice,
Cheap Short Term Loans

Top 3 Ways to Cover those Extra Monthly Expenses

Monthly expenses can rack up pretty quickly, whether they’re those ones that you agree to over a 12-month period, or those irritating ones that crop up from time to time. Everyone would love a quick fix to these problems, but there generally isn’t any such thing. Having said that, if you use your smarts and […]

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Posted on: December, 1, 2015
Categories: Money Advice,

Money Matchmaker – Trusted UK Money Comparison Websites

Compare life insurance, loan deals & best UK mortgage rates

As one of the leading UK price comparisons and money comparisons websites, helps you to compare the best UK mortgage lenders, insurers, loans and credit cards and connects you with advisers who will advise on the various products and services featured on this website. All of the products featured are subject to change; therefore your money expert will offer you the best comparable products available at the time of your inquiry. This recommended comparison website compares a wide range of financial products and services in the UK market, however from time to time some products or product providers may not be included in the research that we publish.

This is an information service, . By browsing through our website and/or using our search tools, you are authorising Moneymatchmaker to provide you with specific information about financial products from multiple financial institutions. We ourselves are not a credit provider, and we are not making any suggestion or recommendation to you about credit reports or products for your use. Moneymatchmaker provides general information only via its money comparison websites – Full product details, terms and conditions should be obtained by you from the relevant FCA product provider before you enter into any kind of agreement with them.

All UK price comparisons, advice and recommendations will be provided by Financial Conduct Authority regulated independent financial advisers.

With Moneymatchmaker, you can perform many online comparisons, giving you the power to decide what is really best for you and your family once armed with the best knowledge available online!

Please feel free to browse through our website and compare our extensive collection of the best products all together at the same time – online – in one place – to save you so much more! Our aim is to make life easy for you by providing you with the information that you really need in order for you to come to an informed decision with all the relevant facts at your fingertips.

Get the best deals online via one of the top uk price comparisons and money comparison websites here at Moneymatchmaker! Compare life insurance quotes, the best life insurance deals, cheap life insurance deals, cheap life insurance quotes and simply the best life insurance policies for life insurance comparisons UK-wide.

The best mortgages UK-wide!

If you are looking for the best mortgage deal, the best mortgages for first time buyers or simply the best mortgage rates UK-wide then you are in the right place. At Moneymatchmaker we have simply the best mortgages in the UK. The best UK mortgage comparisons is available right here on the best mortgage comparisons online and calculate mortgage payments with our free online mortgage calculator.

Find the best value loans on the market, the best loan deals, the best loans online and also the best personal loans with our loan comparisons search! Our aim is simply to help you to discover the best personal loan, the best loan rates and the best mortgage deals UK–wide! We are here to help you save all along the way!

Money Matchmaker will help you save money online with our top UK price comparisons and Money Advice Services – Our experts will help you to compare life insurance, you can find the best loan deals, credit cards and the compare best UK mortgages, rates and offers available today. Compare our range of quotes today and find the best possible UK deals available here online right now.

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